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electric found its AMG

Art Direction, Social Media Layouts, Graphic Design

Electric, eye-catching and emotional. „Electric found its Thrill“ highlights the very first all electric vehicles from AMG, in a very electrifying and dynamic look. The slow shutter imagery, translates the thrilling driving experience into stunning visuals that remind us of electric lightnings.  Adding a human touch, the expression artist, underlines the electrifying and sportive nature of the cars.

Director:  Maik Schuster
Director of Photography: Joao de Botelho

Agency: antoni Berlin
Executive Creative Director: Damon Aval
Creative Director: Catharina Sonnenberg

Senior Art Director: Lucca Cremer

Art Director: Tamara Srdic, John Gergen

Design Working Student: Julius Vogliano
Agency Producer: Moritz Sülz
Agency Account: Miriam El Mostaqui

Production: Iconoclast
Executive Producer: Alexis Delanoue 
Producer: Sybilla Stevens
Production Coordinator: Flora Marriott 

Stylist: Toby Grimditch

1st Photo Assistant : Paul Pack
⁠Main Talent / Movement Artist: Kevin Bago

Editor: Michael Weicker
Colorist / Production: Ruth Wardell
Postproduction: Supercontinent
VFX Producer: Felix Schröder⁠
VFX Supervisor: Mario Bertsch ⁠
Music Composer / Production: Daniel J. Thibaut, Warp Publishing
Sound Designer / Production: Dennis Beckmann
⁠Service Production Company: The Film Place

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