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The beginning “Kind” refers to both the German and the English word (you are (not) my kind) and describes the relationship to our “inner child/ conflict”. The back and forth, the acceptance and repression. Although the solution is so simple: Kindness.



A short film about the phases of an anxiety disorder and the associated process that we go through with our "inner child". This inner conflict is told through dancing.

As soon as you feel identified with your fears, you identify with your emotions. You feel misunderstood and alone. Dancing is based on emotions, so it offers itself as a form of expression in which one shows oneself open and vulnerable without really having to talk about it. As a means of communication, dancing offers much more room for interpretation in order to find one's own story in it and thus to feel more easily identified and understood.



Concept and Directed by: Tamara Srdic

Cast: Tommy Khang Lieu & Pelin Terzi

Produced by: Shuto Crew & We Shoot but don't Kill

DoP and Camera Operator: Pao Paniq

Music by: Jun Oguz

Light: Nao A. Luu

Light Assistent and Runner: Atitan Charuchart

Set Design by: Patricia Zakrzewska & Tamarą Srdic

Photography by: Patricia Zakrzewska

H&M: Tamara Srdic

Styling by: Cung My Phan & Tamara Srdic

Edited by: Tamara Srdic

Grading by: Tommy Khang Lieu

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