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Inspired by Broomberg & Chanarin's "Ghetto", the series of photographs "Tattoo" was created. It shows five people from different backgrounds and cultures who are all tattooed. The series was lined up in such a way that the people first showed themselves without tattoos and then with. In addition to the photographs, they were all interviewed. The aim was to clear up misunderstandings and to show: a tattoo is not just a tattoo. Everyone has their own personal story and motivation to tell. True to the motto: Never judge a book by its cover.

Thanks to:

Anthi Karvounidou

Cung My Phan

Willie Edmundo

Tamara Reith

Simone Keller

"Ever since kindergarten I always wanted tattoos."
"I'm still myself. The ink doesn't attack my soul."
"I don't judge people's tattoos. They can be misinterpreted.
But it says a lot about the circumstances in which the tattoo was made and how the person thinks about and uses tattoos."
"Most random tattoo: my 'Pfirsicharschkopf' (Peach ass head) for sure. Why I got it tattooed in the first place: 2020. It was a weird year. In my eyes it was a 'Pfirsicharschkopf'."
"It's about being human, about carrying something evil and something good in us."
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